Two Polish chemical trading companies do not pay!

Grupa Bio Oligo Sp. zoo / Profi ChemicaSp. zoo


Wholesale chemical products

Grupa Bio Oligo Sp zoo / Profi Chemica Sp zoo are two companies based in Gliwice, Poland (limited liability companies). Both are engaged in the wholesale of chemical products. Address: Ul. Zwycięstwa 14-105Gliwice, ŚLĄSKIE, 44-100 Poland. The managing director is Szymon Szlażko. Profi Chemica Sp. zoo has its registered office in the same place. The shareholder is Roman Władysław Szlażko. Szymon Szlażko is also the managing director there. The two Szlażkos are likely to be brothers or otherwise related.

Negative payment experiences with Grupa Bio Oligo Sp zoo etc. and Roman Szlażko and Szymon Szlażko

Grupa Bio Oligo, represented at the time by Roman Szlażko, entered into a lease agreement with a German company for three chemical tank containers in June 2019. The containers were received in Rotterdam. As of January 2020, the monthly leasing instalments remain unpaid. Reminders remained unanswered. The three containers were also not returned when requested.

Return of containers due to pressure and new delay game

In November 20, the case was transferred to us for collection. In December 2020 and until March 2021, we made repeated pressure on the spot in Gliwice at various business and private addresses. This led to hiding manoeuvres, verbal attacks and threats of assault, which made little impression on our people. Negotiations did take place, and by the end of March all three containers, worth around € 95,000, had been returned.

The leasing fees of about € 24,000 remained unpaid. Initially, Szlażkos was willing to pay. However, he stated that he could not repay them all at once, but only in instalments of € 2,000 per month. However, when it came to signing an acknowledgement of debt and the repayment plan, sand was again thrown into the gears. Szlażkos delayed everything by slow replies, small formal objections and requests for changes, etc.

It will be necessary to again mark a local presence and initiate the debt collection procedure in Poland.

Warning against doing business with both companies!

Based on the experience gained, the solvency and willingness to pay of both companies must be classified as poor. Publicly available data also show that the business performance of both companies is moderate. The risk that outstanding debts or material losses will arise and that you will have reminder and collection costs is high.

What experiences have you had with Grupa Bio Oligo Sp zoo / Profi Chemica Sp zoo and Roman Szlażko or Szymon Szlażko respectively?  We look forward to receiving your feedback and will treat it confidentially if you wish.

Experiences with Roman Szlażko and Szymon Szlażko?

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