Jeancarlo Chapparo, Knight Capital Group SRL, Santo Domingo

 Unlucky businessman or suspected fraudster?

 Caution when doing business with Jeancarlo Chapparo

Involved intermediary in Europe Amado Fakhre, Marbella and Grenada

Jeancarlo Chapparo Amaya is the owner of KNIGHT CAPITAL GROUP, SRL, Santo Domingo. He is a Venezuelan citizen. According to our sources, he is being prosecuted in Venezuela for fraud.

Investment contract with false information

It was about the pre-financing of a business with the export of rum from Colombia. For this purpose, a Swiss businessman gave an earmarked short-term loan of about USD 300,000. The deal was brokered by an intermediary active in Europe, Amado Fakhre, British citizen, resident in Marbella, Spain. No repayment was made, and in the meantime the claim, including penalty interest, amounts to around USD 400,000.

Research showed that the contract contained false information. Chapparo gave a non-existent address, so it was difficult to find his whereabouts. One has to assume that Chapparo runs his business from his private address, which we now know. Furthermore, a tax search revealed that the company Knigtht Capital Group SRL is not registered but is linked to another company destined for the sale of boats in Puerto Plata. In view of such inconsistencies, the question of fraud arises. In fact, Chapparo has been charged with fraud in Venezuela before. The aforementioned and other discrepancies were not apparent to the Swiss contract partner.

Stalling tactics and unclear role of the broker Fakhre

Chapparo kept stalling the client with ever new promises of payment and sometimes adventurous excuses, such as an alleged mortgage on a „real estate guarantee“, „advance payments for deliveries“, etc. The role of the intermediary Amado Fakhre seemed to be rather to explain the debtor’s point of view. Interestingly, Fakhre wanted to make appointments with the creditor to discuss further business while the „old“ one was still unresolved. Chapparo stated that his Colombian partners had not paid and that he was taking legal action against them. However, he never produced any documents to that effect.

Chapparo acknowledges debt

In our interviews on the ground in Santo Domingo, Chapparo again acknowledged the debt and promised repayments. He repeatedly presented documents on transactions from which he wanted to settle the debt, e.g. letters of credit in connection with scrap metal deliveries for steel processing. etc. He partly presented receipts for this. He submitted receipts for some of these. His reasons why these transactions did not materialise are not implausible, especially in view of Corona-related cancellations.

Suspected fraudster or unlucky?

In order to be able to better assess Chapparo and to take the right measures (which are not presented here), we are interested in information about your experiences with Jeancarlo Chapparo, Knigth Capital Group SRL, as well as those with Amado Fakhre. After we made our appearance, Fakhre was reportedly now still in Grenada. We will treat your information with absolute confidentiality if you so wish.

What are your experiences with Jeancarlo Chapparo or Amado Fakhre?


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