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Richard Pettersen, Encore Auto GmbH usw., Hamburg

Richard Trygve Pettersen, born 05.07.1971, Norwegian citizen, ran the car trading company Encore Auto GmbH in Hamburg. Before that he was a senior employee of the company Tailermade Cars, with which he is said to have had a turnover of 30 million (Norwegian kroner, approx. 3 million euros). Pettersen spoke of locations in Narvik (headquarters), Oslo, Stavanger, Trondheim and Hamburg. Article with pictures . He ran various other companies, including a P Asset Management GmbH in Hamburg and an Encore Autos SA in Luxembourg. In the meantime, he has folded his tent in Hamburg and is staying in Narvik again.

Money paid – cars not delivered

Several cases are now known where Pettersen accepts orders for cars and prepayments of the total price but does not deliver the car. In one case, he was ordered to repay the amount by the Hamburg regional court. A criminal investigation is in progress (goods fraud). All cases demonstrate how he holds off the creditors with excuses, delay tactics and obvious lies.

He has been sentenced to imprisonment in Norway

In the meanwhile, he has been sentenced to one year and one month of imprisonment (at least five months) for similar offences in Norway, together with a colleague. Link to original article / Download of German translation [follows]. As mentioned, a criminal investigation is in progress in Germany.

Accomplished liar

Pettersen lies time and again, in spite of the facts. He claims, for example, that he has not been convicted in Norway. He claims that he has made payments. He cannot provide any receipts or similar. Do not believe him unless you see evidence to the contrary 😉


Pettersen lives the good life – but does not pay for it!

Richard Pettersen’s company Encore GmbH is bankrupt. He handles his business through other companies, for example P Asset Management GmbH in Hamburg. Many other active and closed companies can be attributed to him. He lives in an upmarket neighbourhood.

You could see several expensive cars parked in front of his house (sometimes with a total value of over 500,000).

Pettersen repeatedly takes long trips (California, Canada, China). He is currently establishing an electric vehicle business. He could pay off his debts, at least in instalments. But he is a „professional debtor“, who tries to avoid paying off his debt as much as possible and stalls for time.


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