Warning against Sergio André Ferreira Cabaço

Love Scam: Fakes relationship and begs for payments

(Possibly fake pictures)


Sergio André Ferreira Cabaço = Thomas Staub

Sergio André Ferreira Cabaço is Portuguese. For several years, he pretended to be in a relationship with a client under the pseudonym „Thomas Staub“ (allegedly Swiss). He claimed to have been the manager of the AMAG group, but due to physical and mental ailments he was in a psychiatric clinic. Due to his position at AMAG, he asked his „partner“ to keep this secret.

He stated that he did not have access to his money because he was mentally unstable and could not leave the clinic. However, Thomas Staub still had debts with André Ferreira due to a car purchase and asked our client for money because the matter was putting a lot of strain on him and his condition could not improve for so long. Under these circumstances, he could not leave the clinic and therefore could not meet with our client.

Initially, it was about CHF 9,500. However, Sergio André Ferreira Cabaço kept coming out with the fact that there was still more money outstanding. When asked, he stated that he was ashamed to come forward with the whole amount. When our client inquired further, Sergio André Ferreira Cabaço pressed the tear duct and referred to his weak heart and his psychological condition.

In total, our client transferred almost CHF 70,000 to André Ferreira’s account, with the note that it was the payment for the car for Thomas Staub.




André Ferreira – Stories crumble on closer inspection

Our research has shown that the whole story was made up: No one in the management of the AMAG Group worked with the name Thomas Staub or Sergio André Ferreira Cabaço (or parts of that name). However, at the residential address he gave the client – a nice, large single-family house – another family has lived for 35 years. They had never heard the names Thomas Staub, André Ferreira, or Sergio André Ferreira Cabaço. In fact, the clinic where he is supposed to be staying does not have a psychiatric ward either. In addition, André Ferreira has no longer been in Switzerland since 2018, „moved to unknown address“.



Sergio André Ferreira Cabaço can be arrested at any time

For several years, he subtly but massively manipulated our client and pretended to be in a love relationship with her. Her desire to help her lover and to meet him after his hospital stay was so strong that she paid Thomas Staub’s „bills“ to André Ferreira.

We have filed a criminal complaint and are in contact with the authorities. He is wanted and it is only a matter of time before he is arrested. Smarter guys than Sergio André Ferreira Cabaço have thought they were smarter than the police. He could be in Portugal or Belgium now.



Are you Sergio André Ferreira Cabaço?

If you are Sergio André Ferreira Cabaço yourself, contact us. You must pay back the money. We could settle this discreetly and save you a lot of problems.



Do you know André Ferreira Cabaço aka Thomas Staub, or have you had similar experiences?

Do you know Sergio André Ferreira Cabaço? Do you know where he is? Can you confirm the authenticity of the photos? Or have you had similar experiences? If so, please contact us. If you wish, we will treat your information as strictly confidential.


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