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The debt collection company Inkasso-Team AG

Our debt collection team has been active since 2014. Some of our employees have been in the business for almost 20 years. The video dates from 2017; there have been several updates since. See a current video company presentation here.

Our debt collection company continues where others stop!

In contrast to conventional debt collection agencies, we are the right partner, e.g. when

  • the debtor has disappeared
  • tries to thwart legal debt collection
  • hides income and assets
  • behaves unruly
  • is a professional debtor
  • or is even criminal
  • it is an international debt collection case (i.e. not only German-speaking countries, but worldwide)

This is where conventional debt collection agencies and lawyers reach their limits. Thanks to thorough research, on-site presence and persistent, creative measures, our debt collection team achieves results. Our success rate in the years 2014 – 2022 was 74.7 %.

Do you want persistent and creative debt collection that pushes the limits?

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Professional debt collectors

Our debt collection team consists of a core team of experienced debt collectors. You will get to know the staff members who handle your case personally. For their protection and for understandable tactical reasons, we do not publish our employees on the website. In addition, we have freelancers and cooperation partners, such as lawyers, computer specialists, etc., who complement the team and solve special tasks. We also work with conventional debt collection agencies (Inkassobüro Deutschland, Inkassobüro Schweiz, Inkassobüro Österreich) and with debt collection lawyers in all three countries. Sometimes legal debt collection and direct debt collection have to be pursued in parallel.

Professional direct debt collection must be executed by a well-rehearsed team in which different skills are combined. Lone fighters are out of place. The advantage for you as a client is that a whole team takes care of your case. One of us is in charge and reports to you.

Loyal to our customers

Collection according to cost

The down payment that is common for all reputable debt collection companies, when placing an order, depends on the expected costs of your debt collection case.

Refund in case of failure

Compared to other debt collection agencies, we admit that not all cases can be solved. For this reason, we will refund part of your deposit as a sign of our solidarity. (We refer to the contract options that we present to you in the case of an order and the AGB)

Regular progress reports

You will always be up tp date on the status of your debt collection case. You will receive regular verbal and written reports from our debt collection agency.

You deserve a sustained and persistent debt collection process!

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Costs & Deposit

Reputable debt collection companies require a deposit, because collecting debts and default damages is time-consuming and sometimes risky. Moreover, we take on debt collection cases for an unlimited period of time. The billing model in our debt collection company works similarly to that of a lawyer, to whom you normally pay an advance on costs, which he offsets against his services. The advance payment is also a guarantee for you that we will work hard on the case (and not just cherry-pick cases, as dubious debt collectors sometimes do).

Unlike other debt collection agencies, the amount of the deposit depends on the expected workload of your case. It varies between 5% and 15% of the amount of the claim.

Indicative down payment and success commission

Claim amount up to from CHF/EUR 50'000.-- CH,D, A

Down payment: 12.5 % Spread 10% – 15%, depending on the amount of the claim and logistics Success commission: 32.5% Spread 30% – 35% Lower amounts receivable: Only possible in rare exceptional cases.

Receivables from CHF/EUR 100'000.-- CH,D, A, Europe-wide

Down payment: 10% Spread 7.5% – 12.5%, depending on the amount of the claim and logistics, capped by EUR 100’000.– Success commission: 30% Spread 15% – 35%

Claim amount from USD 300'000.--- worldwide

Down payment: 5% – 10% depending on the amount of the claim and logistics, capped by EUR 100’000.–, Success commission: 5% – 25%

Important: In our collection agency, the deposit is refunded or offset against the success commission. Your total costs will therefore never exceed the amount of the success commission! Even in the case of complete failure after 2 years, you could receive a partial refund of the deposit.

The down payments are between 5% and 15%, but are capped at CHF 100’000.–. This means that it will never be higher, even with a claim of, for example, 1 million.

We refer to the contract options, which we will gladly present to you if you are interested, and to the general terms and conditions.

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Collection costs according to expected expenditure

The down payment when placing the order is usually 10% of the amount of the claim (between 5% and 15% depending on the effort and complexity). It depends entirely on the amount of work involved in your debt collection case. This gives you the certainty that you only pay our debt collection agency for the effort actually required. In order for our debt collection agency to be able to provide you with a quotation for the amount of the down payment, we need the information and the most important documents relating to your debt collection case. Please note: The down payment will be refunded or offset against the success commission.

Payment according to case progress

For down payments of up to CHF 10’000.–, these costs are usually paid once. For sums above this, we accept partial payments, e.g.
1/3 when the order is placed,
1/3 after 2 months,
1/3 after 4 months.
Take this as a non-binding example. Our debt collection agency will offer you the option to pay by instalments if we know your case. Because of the instalment option, you can also be sure that we, as a serious debt collection company, will work on your case intensively and as agreed. It is well known that there are black sheeps in the industry. These dubious debt collection companies demand upfront costs and then do nothing or only the minimum. Our offer gives you the opportunity to monitor our work.

Regular progress reports

Thanks to regular reports from our debt collection agency, both in verbal and written form, you are always up to date on your debt collection case. The rhythm depends on the case processing and can vary from weekly to monthly. The reports of our debt collection agency are based on the internal logbook of each case, in which all activities are recorded.

We bring your money back

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Fees only in case of success

In case of success, a fee of usually 30% is due (range 10% – 35%, depending on the amount of the claim). The down payment will be refunded to you by our debt collection agency or offset against the success fee. This gives you the certainty that the full collection costs will only be incurred if we have actually returned the money to you. A fair deal!

Refund in case of failure

Unlike other debt collection companies and money collectors, we make it clear that not all cases can be solved. Possible reasons are: death of the debtor, prison terms, proven indigence, etc. If a case turns out to be unsolvable after 2 years, we will refund part of your deposit as a sign of our solidarity. In our collection agency, the refund guarantee is generally applicable to collection cases with a down payment of at least EUR/CHF 10‘000.– insofar you do not make use of the instalment facility. Reimbursement is made if no success has been achieved after two years. The unused part of the down payment is refunded. The basis is the logbook (project accounting), in which all activities and expenses are recorded. As a client, you have access to the logbook of our collection agency.

We would like to point out that if processing takes more than 6 months, the deposit is used up. But do not worry: we continue to work because we take on cases for an unlimited period of time (contractually guaranteed). If our logbook (project accounting) slips into the red, we do not bother. After all, if we are successful, this will be compensated for or exceeded by the success commission.

Please understand that no reputable direct debt collection company can work for free or on a purely contingency basis.

Reliable debt collection service
Loyalty and transparency are our top priorities!

Special advantages in terms of costs

With our debt collection agency, you can also pay the down payment in instalments. This protects your liquidity. You can be sure that we will work intensively on your case (payment according to work progress)! Another benefit: If we have not solved your debt collection case after 2 years, our company will refund you the unused part of the deposit. The basis for this is the logbook, in which we record all actions and expenses of a case. As a client, you have access to the logbook. Please note that these benefits generally apply to claims of CHF 10’000.– or more.