Moussa Toure does not pay alimony.

Despite court rulings and renewed stay in Switzerland

Toure Born officially 08.03.1980 (actually 1973), divorced

Moussa Toure: born officially 08.03.1980 (actually 1973) hometown Boltigen, calls himself “Mike”. Last place of residence was Zollikofen, has since been de-registered there (Feb 21), stays with his son Yannick Toure in his flat in Bern (not registered in Bern, as of Oct .22).

The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs sought an investigation against Moussa “Mike” Toure for fictitious marriage, as he is married to another woman in Senegal. The proceedings came to nothing.

“. He married a woman in Switzerland, together they had two children and Toure brought three more children into the marriage from a previous relationship in Senegal. His wife, from whom he is now divorced, adopted all three.

According to reports from his ex-wife, he owns houses in Senegal. His children live in one of these houses when they go on holiday there with their father. One of these houses is said to be a villa in an upscale neighbourhood.

Moussa Toure is not prepared to pay maintenance for his children.

Although the maintenance payments are ridiculously low, Toure does not pay any. In conversation, he denied against all the facts that he had to pay and invoked “Swiss law” (sic!) His ex-wife only wanted to make life difficult for him (well understood, the woman who adopted his three other children and provides for their living).

The KESB temporarily withdrew Moussa Toure’s custody of two of the children when they lived with him for a few months. The reason given was neglect and violence.

His son, Fodé Yannick Toure is a young professional football player and is considered one of the best youth talents in Switzerland. He plays in m very well-known Swiss football club. And as I said, his father lives with him.

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