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In exceptional cases we report on debtors of public interest, or debtors on whom we hope to gain further information on, from readers (experiences, debtor’s whereabouts, etc.). We thank you in advance for any information. Upon request, we will treat your information confidentially.

For some cases there are other language versions. See menu items “English” or “Other”, currently French, Greek, Polish, Spanish, Serbo-Croatian.

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What experiences have you had with them? We are also interested in positive experiences! Do you also have a claim against the debtors in question? Do you know any other creditors? Can you give us informations about the whereabouts (address, contact details, etc.) of the person or company in question?

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Be cautious if the following people want to borrow money from you or offer a deal to you. Based on the facts, there is a high risk of losing your money. Check transactions and contracts carefully and seek professional and, if necessary, legal advice.

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