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Matthias Thoma works in the trading sector and does FX trading among other things. Do not give him money under any circumstances! Do not believe him, even if he presents you with certificates, documents or bank statements, because they could be forged. Matthias Thoma has been convicted several times, there is an arrest warrant in Germany.

Matthias Thoma is the managing director of several companies, including “RoDeXiA Ltd.” based in Malta (formerly Naxxar, now Ta’ Xbiex). He also heads the company “Sommerfrische” in Sauvigny-les-Bois, France. Other companies are “Trident Solutions Ltd” at the same address as RoDeXiA, and the company “Halcyon” based in London or the British Virgin Islands. These are letterbox companies.

Media reported about Matthias Thoma when he took over the fashion brand “Paule Ka”. Matthias Thoma bought the label for 5 million euros, but never transferred the amount. Within one year Matthias Thoma managed this company down from EUR 39.4 million to EUR 21.2 million.



Matthias Thoma, convicted several times

During Matthias Thoma’s employment at Halcyon in England, a customer wanted to get out and have his investment paid back. It was about EUR 215,000.

For this purpose, an agreement was made between Matthias Thoma and his customer, whereby a notary was also involved. The notary received a deed of assignment from the customer; after Matthias Thoma had repaid the EUR 215,000.00 to the customer, the notary was to hand over this deed to Thoma.

However, Matthias Thoma revoked the custodial instruction to settle the transaction; he also notarially revoked his signature and the validity of the agreement. The tricky part was that the money was never invested and Thoma “incorporated and consumed” the money in his private assets. The court found this to be the case and ordered Thoma to pay EUR 45,000 plus 5% interest.

No repayment was made. On the contrary, Thoma doubted the jurisdiction of the court and made allegations. However, the court ruled that the claim was admissible and well-founded and that Matthias Thoma was unable to present a single piece of evidence for his theses.

In another case, he was ordered to pay damages of EUR 79,000 plus 5% interest.

Further cases are known to us. Matthias Thoma also proceeded in this way with several persons. He also made attempts to buy castles in France. However, he did not seem to be interested in doing so, as he never honored the payment despite having signed the purchase contract. It is possible that he uses this pretext to place “deals” with owners or their environment. He also uses services, e.g. renovation work, which he does not pay for.


Environment of Matthias Thoma

Matthias Thoma apparently lives separately from his ex-wife Maike Thoma, who at least around 2011 was privy to what was going on and helped conduct business. His father, Werner Thoma, runs a property management company in Matthias Thoma’s birthplace, Celle, Germany. Reviews are consistently bad: on Google, there are entries that write of “poor accessibility” and “absolute incompetence,” “nothing is taken care of,” “callbacks are not made, no response to e-mails,” and “without calling in a lawyer, tenant protection association or homeowners, purely nothing happens.”

There are indications that Matthias Thoma lives in a partnership with the New Zealand equestrian athlete Megan Heath. Megan Heath has won several awards and is not unknown. Likewise Megan Heath is a trained banker and could advise Matthias Thoma in legal and tactical questions.


Matthias Thoma falsifies documents and conceals his position

Matthias Thoma also heads the company “Sommerfrische” in Sauvigny-les-Bois, France. His stated Swiss residential address does not match his actual situation. This information was falsified to disguise his whereabouts. The actual tenant told us that he has already received several visits from the police because of Thoma.

The fact that Matthias Thoma repeatedly falsified sensitive documents is known to the courts. Among other things, he falsified bank statements that he presented to his customers to give them the impression that their money had actually been invested. This remained undetected for a long time because the documents were falsified at a high layman’s level.

This also explains how Matthias Thoma was able to provide the authorities with a false residential address for company openings. The administrators of the properties do not know Matthias Thoma, and in fact another person lives at his given residential address, who already received a visit from the police because of Thoma.

With his ex-wife Maike Thoma he has two sons who are studying in Canadian universities (Vancouver). When he pretended to be interested in buying a castle in France, he took them there and presented the castle to them. In this way, he wanted to underpin his credibility.


What does Matthias Thoma do with all that money?

It is certain that Matthias Thoma resided in large villas, among others in Switzerland on Lake Zurich, where costs are known to be anything but low, as well as in Vancouver, Canada, where he made several extensions to his luxury apartment. These extensions cost around 1.5 million US dollars.

Matthias Thoma also travels a lot around the world. Outside his home country of Germany, he has already been to Switzerland, Canada, France, Dubai, Malta, England, and other countries. One thing is certain: these are always expensive countries. The fact that Matthias Thoma lived or opened companies in many places speaks for a lavish lifestyle.


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