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We publish testimonials with the consent of the clients concerned. Initials and location may be changed for reasons of discretion. We have a signed original of all testimonials, which we offer for inspection if necessary.

The clients mentioned are also willling to provide information in person after enquiry. We arrange personal reference information at an advanced stage of our contact, for example if you would like assure yourself. In such cases, we also require proof of capital in the amount of the down payment to be made. There are also other clients who are willing to provide personal reference information but do not wish to have it published on this website.

Ch. Sch.

Arlesheim, Switzerland

"100'000.-- 100,000 returned by fraudulent estate agent
In 2019, I bought a house from a Swedish family to renovate. The estate agent told me a sob story. Essentially, the seller wanted to give 100,000 to her son from her second marriage, who lives in Switzerland, without her two sisters in Sweden (from her first marriage) knowing. Since I seemed to have neither profit nor loss from the matter, I agreed. By chance I found out that the 100,000 went into the real estate agent's pocket and that the story was made up without the knowledge of the sellers. In technical jargon, this is euphemistically called "outside commission". Two legal opinions came to the same conclusion: I was ripped off by a "professional". In all likelihood, I will win a lawsuit for double-dealing. If I am unlucky, however, it will result in high costs, years of hassle and, in the end, a certificate of loss. All my friends to whom I had told the story gave me no chance of ever seeing the money again. A friend advised me to contact the Rolf Schmidt debt collection team. With patience and a professional manner, the collection agency uncovered the weaknesses of the other side. After countless dodges with the help of a very good lawyer, the other side wanted to avoid a lawsuit and refunded me the 100,000. My experience and advice is as follows: If anyone can legally collect an outstanding debt or parts of it, it is the Schmidt Collection Agency. I can recommend the Rolf Schmidt debt collection team without reservation! "

B. Otto


"180'000.-- returned
We commissioned the Rolf Schmidt debt collection team in January 2018. It was about a customer and cooperation partner who owed part of his payments for years.
In the meantime, May 2019, the entire agreed sum of 180,000 has been collected by the debt collection team in monthly instalments. We wonder how they managed this after the debtor had made fools of us for the longest time before. But it doesn't matter. The main thing is that the money is there! The settlements and disbursements of the collected money also always worked flawlessly and swiftly.
After the payments were completed, the debt collection team was prepared to intervene with the debtor in another, non-monetary conflict. We can therefore be absolutely satisfied with this project and the Rolf Schmidt debt collection team."

Company III
Managing Director

Central Switzerland

"Legal action could be avoided!
The company Rolf Schmidt Inkasso-Team was commissioned by us as a real estate brokerage firm to collect the outstanding commission of a property sale in the 6-digit range. Our client and debtor had tried to bypass us despite clear evidence.
Thanks to the activities of the company Rolf Schmidt Inkasso-Team, it was possible to efficiently collect a large part of the claimed amount. This made it possible to avoid the lengthy legal process.
We found all the employees of Rolf Schmidt Inkasso-Team to be extremely professional. We were particularly impressed by the meticulous analysis of the case in advance, on the basis of which a successful procedural strategy could be developed.
We can absolutely recommend the Rolf Schmidt debt collection team!"

Retail employee


"45'000.-- returned
In my father's estate I found a loan contract with a former business partner. The man was already 70, so at first we had doubts about whether it would be worth it. We took a risk. The loan contract was for 75,000 plus 6% interest per year. This would have resulted in a sum of over 200,000.
The Inca people went in search of him. After a few weeks, they had the man. He wasn't on a bed of roses, but he had savings. He probably thought it was all forgotten, especially after my father's death. It took some "persuasion" from the Inca people. In the end, they agreed on the 45,000. According to the debt collector's research, that was all.
But I was satisfied. It was a boost that I hadn't expected. And Schmidt and his people did a good job, I can't say anything against that."

Dr. N.O.

Frankfurt a. Main (initials changed)

"Case 1.5 million in progress, first repayments there
This is about 1.5 million euros that we lost to a fraudster. In the meantime, he has been sentenced for part of his deeds.
Nevertheless, it is very difficult to reclaim the money, even though the man has money or can get it. Around 210,000 euros have already been returned. Rolf Schmidt and his team are admirably persistent and always come up with something. They themselves say that it may take another one or two years until everything or a large part of it is there.
For me (us), it is a great relief that we no longer have to worry about the details and the unsavoury contact with the fraudster and have the certainty that the collection people are like bull terriers on the matter. Of course we still want as much money back as possible. But frankly, it also satisfies us that the debtor gets his lessons."


Basel (initialis changed)

"Around half returned from investment fraud
My wife at the time and I had lost 450,000 to a financial fraudster. We obtained a title in Germany. Everything didn't help, the man didn't even show up for the negotiations.
The debt collectors then tracked him down abroad. He was obviously at the end of his tether financially. However, they found a means of pressure thanks to which he began to pay in instalments. Presumably he took this money from others. In the meantime, about 200,000 euros have flowed back. After all, without the support of the Rolf Schmidt debt collection team we would not have seen anything at all!
The collection contract stipulates that they take over the mandate indefinitely. It's fine with me if the debt collectors stay on. Who knows, maybe the fraudster will come into money again and then they'll certainly take some of it off him again. So I am satisfied. I also have to say that we have always been settled financially cleanly and quickly."


Bad Bellingen

"Two cases neatly solved
I have already given Rolf Schmidt a debt collection order twice, once a long time ago (at that time Schmidt was still working alone), then again in 2016. The first time it was about a loan. It took a few months, but he returned the money (around 30'000.---).
Last year it was an outstanding bill of 22,000; it worked this time too, but the debtor could only pay in monthly instalments of 1000. Mr. Schmidt reliably takes care of it and settles it cleanly. I can only recommend this man and his team. They are not squeamish, but in such cases nothing else helps."

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Euro 80’000.– paid back!

I had made an inheritance in 2012. At that time, I met a young man (a colleague of my son) who was a mechanic and wanted to start his own garage. I gave him a loan of Euro 80,000.– for the purchase of machines. I had confidence in him and didn’t want any interest, but of course I wanted the money back once his business was up and running.

Unfortunately, the young man did not invest the money in the machines. He did not even found the company. He spent the money. I only found out about all this later when the contact between him and my son had broken off. I wanted the money back, of course. But the young man did not even contact me. He was also no longer to be found.

Then I heard about the Rolf Schmitt debt collection team at the end of 2014. I called Mr Schmidt. The contract was concluded. Mr Schmidt did the practical debt collection together with another employee. They first did some research and soon found the man (Grenzach – Lörrach area). He stated that he was unemployed and could not pay anything back. However, he was looking for work in the service sector and would then pay back. When he didn’t pay and kept coming up with new excuses, the two increased the pressure. I still don’t know exactly what they did. In any case, the young man’s parents came forward. Gass and Schmidt visited them. At first they were defensive and defended their son. But then they got “spooky” with the duo from the Rolf Schmidt debt collection team. They held out the prospect that they would take over the son’s debt in exchange for the assurance that they would leave him alone.

They agreed on an immediate payment of 40’000.— and then monthly instalments of 1500.—  until full payment. That was in April 2015. 40’000.— has been paid and the 1’500.— has come regularly. In the meantime, I have received everything, minus the success commission for debt collection, of course. That’s the downside. But without them I would have never seen any of the money again.

M.J., Housewife, Norwich

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